RUMAsmile’s self-impression kit is very simple and easy to use, but there are a few important things to note.

1) The RUMAsmile impression technique is not suitable for those who have bridgework, or those undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment.

2) If you currently have a loose tooth, it is recommended that you delay taking the impression until the loose tooth has fallen.

3) Please make sure that the putties are kept at room temperature before use them (keep them between 64 – 75 degrees fahrenheit). Impression putty is a high grade dental impression material. If you require them, material safety data sheets are available on request.

Your self-impression pack includes:

  • Impression putty (yellow and white).
  • Impression trays.
  • Instruction guide.
  • Return envelope

In order to take an effective impression, you will need a mirror. Make sure your hands are clean and washed before  starting the process.

Step 1

  • Choose an impression tray.
  • Take out one yellow and one white putty from their tubs and place them on your palm.

Step 2

  • To prevent from a premature setting, the following stage should be completed within 90 seconds.
  • Carefully mix the putties together in your hand, for 60 seconds, until a combined putty is created having one uniform color. Once mixed, form the putty into a sausage shape and place into the impression tray.
  • Use your thumbs to gently push the putty to the outer edges of the tray ensuring there are no blue edges showing. Make sure there’s plenty of putty at the front of the tray too as this will ensure we get a full impression of your teeth and gums.

Step 3

  • Look in the mirror, open your mouth as wide as you can, and while using both hands, insert the impression tray in your mouth ensuring your teeth are aligned in the center of the tray.
  • Bite as deep as you can.

Step 4

  • With both thumbs on the bottom of the tray, firmly push the tray upwards until your teeth hit the bottom. Use your two forefingers, flip your top lip over the front of the tray.
  • Using both hands keep the tray in place for 3 minutes.

At this point it is important to not move or talk. Do not push the tray up or pull it out. This will cause an inaccurate impression.

Step 5

  • After approximately 3 minutes, start to gently rock the impression tray back and forth in your mouth, tease it gently from your teeth and gums and pull it down gently. Once you have taken the tray out of your mouth, rinse it with cold water and allow to dry naturally.
  • Do not remove putty from the tray. The tray and putty need to be returned intact to RUMAsmile.
  • Check your impression. A good impression is one that allows you to see all of your teeth clearly in the tray as well as provides a deep outline of your gum above the teeth. With a bad impression, your teeth would look stretched or distorted, the bite is shallow or no gumline is visible. If you are not sure whether your impression is good or bad, you can also, send us a photo.

Step 6

  • Place your completed impression in an enclosed clear medical bag and send it to RUMAsmile, along with any unused putty and impression trays, using Freepost bag provided with the impression kit.
  • Fill in your name, date of birth, delivery address and reference number on the medical bag and return to RUMAsmile at the address specified in your impression kit.


You can also click here to download the instruction sheet (PDF format).

If you have any questions, give us a call at our toll-free number at the top of the page