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RUMAsmile is operated by a family owned dental lab. We understand the pain of paying expensive medical bills to get your beautiful smile back. At RUMAsmile, we have designed revolutionary, convenient, non-intrusive and cost effective range of clip on veneers that can cover all types of chipped, broken and discolored teeth

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Clip on veneers are a cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional permanent veneers. The latter are applied by dentists to cover missing, broken, discolored or chipped teeth. It involves invasive surgery, and also severely grinding down of your natural teeth which is extremely painful. RUMAsmile veneers are pain-free, they can be clipped over your existing teeth and hide your broken, discolored or chipped teeth.

Clip on veneers can relieve you of appearing unattractive to people around you. If you are conscious of your missing or damaged teeth it affects your confidence. RUMAsmile clip on veneers provides a cost-effective, quick and convenient solution to chipped, stained, damaged or missing teeth.

RUMAsmile has since its establishment has helped thousands of individuals across the world with delivering convenient, non-intrusive, professional quality veneers. And they will definitely work for you as well.

RUMAsmile sends you a self impression kit that you can use and send us back with your impression. When we receive your impression, the veneer production process gets started. It will take 21 days for your personalised veneer to be created.

RUMAsmile is practically for anyone and everyone. It works great on all teeth and adds to your beautiful smile.

If you are unsure of how this all works or how to get your veneers, you can contact our customer service team to learn more.

If you’re unsure as to whether you’d be suitable, contact one of our customer service team for more information.

RUMAsmile veneers are created from certified and clinically safe dental materials that are perfect for use in cosmetic dental products. They are free from BPA and Monomer.

Self-impression kit takes the impression of your teeth and saves you the visit to your dentist. You can easily do it at your home and it will take only 5 minutes to complete.

Not a problem. You have two more free attempts. If you are not sure whether you have taken your impression correctly, we will send you another impression kit and give you instructions on call.

RUMASmile can be wiped clean with cleaning tablets, Nitradine. It can be easily found on our website. You can also clean the insides with warm water and a soft toothbrush, if you find any debris. Never use boiling water or use any type of toothbrush on the outside as it might damage the veneers.

There are three types of veneers and their current shades include:

Classic: A1, A3, B1,

Plus: A1, A2, A3, BL1

Platinum: A1, A2, B2, BL2, BL4.

See our Shade Guide for more information.

Please note that we are not able to change a shade once manufacture has commenced. If you do wish to change the shade then unfortunately there will be an additional charge of $100, only if we still have your impressions (we keep them for 4 weeks). If not, you will need to place a new order.

RUMAsmile requires impression of at least the 4th or 5th teeth to design the veneer. Clip on veneers can cover a maximum of 4 missing teeth where each missing tooth has a remaining tooth on either side of the gap.

You can also email us a picture of your teeth so that we can examine and suggest if RUMAsmile is suitable for your needs.

Not at all. RUMAsmile with its impression kit eliminates the need for you to go to a dentist.However, if you’re having trouble with your self-impression kit, or would just prefer your dentist to take your impression, then this is an option for you. We do still ask that the dentist uses the impression materials provided by us.

RUMAsmile is easy to use and pain-free.

RUMAsmile veneers can last upto 48 months, but it also depends on the model you buy and how carefully you use them. For instance, if you use clip on veneers frequently, eat and drink with them in, they will last upto a year.

RUMAsmile clip on veneers are custom-made for your mouth, which means we cannot resell them or offer you a refund. If there is an issue, we can definitely alter the product for you twice.

Our 1-2-3 Refunds Policy

1. If you change your mind after placing your order, we can cancel it for a full refund. If we have already sent out your impression kit, please return to us in the same condition it arrived and we will cancel your order for a one-off fee of $20* (€20).
2. One of the reasons RUMAsmile clip on veneers are so affordable is that it is the customers’ responsibility to send us a good quality impression to use. We’re here to help you achieve this, but if you’re struggling you should take your impression kit to a dentist. If you can’t provide a good quality impression, we can cancel your order for a one off fee of $100* (€59) that covers the impression stage materials and handling fee.
3. Once you receive your made-to-measure, fully customised RUMAsmile you have a 14 day manufacturer’s warranty to alert us to any faults. If you are unhappy with the product we will work with you, where possible, to modify the product but we cannot accept returns at this point as the product has been made to your specification and to fit your impression, so it cannot be resold.
* Please note for international orders including Canada the shipping fee is non-refundable and will be added to any one-off fees charged.

The primary purpose of RUMAsmile veneers is to offer you a a cosmetic uplift and bring back your perfect smile. With that in mind, eating with clip on veneers is considered a secondary goal