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March 26, 2017
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CLip on Veneers

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Clip on veneers is short-term, noninvasive replacements to traditional veneers that  patients snap into place on upper of their natural teeth. They contain removable arches custom designed to fit perfectly and comfortably over the patient’s teeth. A custom Clip on veneers is worn every day, and like any personal care detail, it needs regular cleaning to prevent damage to the purpose and growth of bacteria. Maintenance and proper care of your Clip on veneers will keep it in decent shape for a long time, saving you money and time. Clip on veneers is applied to cover matters with your teeth including discolored, missing or chipped teeth.

Clip on veneers aid to cover gaps, missing, misalignment, stains, chipped or broken teeth and other harms that may be caused by accidents, lifestyle or genetics. If you’re suffering from any of these dental harms, then you may need to consider this temporary Clip on veneers.

Do clip on veneers damage teeth?

There is no shaving of natural tooth structure, drilling, grinding, or any other technique necessary to wear clip on veneers. They are entirely reversible and cause no damage to current teeth. The General Dental Councils view of clip on veneers is:

  • The veneers are not designed to affect the building of the function of the teeth.
  • Their function is decently cosmetic
  • There is no clinical contact.

As long as moral oral hygiene is preserved, you will be 100% fine wearing veneers. The clip on veneers does not donate to plaque buildup or tooth decay no less or more if you didn’t wear it. As long as you follow moral oral hygiene, the clip on veneers is more than safe.

How Long Do clip on Veneers Last?

While permanent veneers can last upwards of 10 years, clip on veneers should last up to two years if correctly maintained. The materials are tough wearing and should stand up to daily use for a couple of years, though those who use them less commonly can expect them to last a little longer.

Most producers offer a warranty, commonly lasting between 3 and 12 months, so if there are any matters you can usually have them replaced or repaired free of charge.

How to Cleaning Custom Clip on veneers

To confirm the durability of your Clip on veneers, make sure they’re properly cleaned before use. Use toothbrush then toothpaste to clean your Clip on veneers and then rinse them with cold water. Don’t use hot water, as it could collapse your devices. If you’re a smoking compartment, be assured to soak your devices in a cleaning solution more than a night to keep them shiny and white.

Can i eat with Clip on veneers in?

Patients are not imperfect to what they can eat and drink with their Clip on veneers, though; we recommend you may select to start with a softer diet and work your way up to stiffer more substantial foods. We do instruct that like everything else, it takes specific getting used to, and we advise you to remove Clip on veneers before eating to prolong the long life of the machine.

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