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Are you conscious of your broken, stained, crooked or missing teeth, get back your natural smile with RUMAsmile today!

RUMAsmile introduces its revolutionary, convenient, non-intrusive range of clip-on veneers, that help you smile with confidence! With RUMAsmile, you never have to be conscious of your missing, crooked, or stained teeth, smile away your days with confidence.Our clip on veneers are ideal for covering gaps, stained, chipped, crooked or missing teeth. They are affordable, convenient and easy to wear.


Bring Back That Perfect Smile.

Forget painful teeth implants and heavy dentures, RUMAsmile clip on veneers perfectly cover all types of stained, chipped and crooked teeth. You will never have to sit through routine dental checkups.
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Pain-Free Alternative To Traditional Dental Treatments

RUMAsmile is a pain-free and effective alternative to painful, invasive dental treatments, including braces and dental adhesives. These clip on veneers are super easy to wear and convenient. whether you are in a formal or informal setting.

Convenient, Affordable And Quick

RUMAsmile’s clip on veneers are a cost effective alternative to dental treatments. You don’t have to visit any dentist, or get expensive and painful dental treatments. With our affordable and delivered-direct approach, you will have your smile back in minutes.

RUMAsmile Vs. Permanent Veneers

The most striking difference between RUMAsmile and permanent veneers is that, RUMAsmile veneers can be conveniently removed. Their patent-pending technology enables you to quickly cover the top of your teeth with clip on veneers.

Perfect, Long-Lasting and Confident Smiles

RUMAsmile veneers is designed by experienced dental technicians, from certified and clinically safe dental lab materials. The veneers are made from durable material and proper care, clip on veneers can last up to two years.

Real Veneers, Real Results

Forget painful injections and never ending visits to the dentist. Enjoy peace of mind with RUMAsmile’s real, professional quality veneers.All you need to do send us your teeth impressions using out easy-to-use self-impression kit and we will start creating a smile that’s naturally yours.

Handcrafted By Qualified Dentists

RUMAsmile is a renowned supplier of professional quality dental products, from perfectly fitted custom clip on veneers, dentures, to crowns, bridges, and other dental appliances.

Quick Delivery To Your Doorstep.

With RUMAsmile, you never have to wait for appointments or make numerous trips to your dentists. RUMAsmile delivers clip on veneers to your doorstep in no time. Just send us your impression and we will create the perfect clip on veneer for you.

Advanced Technology.

RUMAsmile uses a unique, patent-pending clip-on technology to create its long lasting and convenient veneers. They never fall out of your mouth and gives you the power to smile your brightest smile.
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